Swerve: the Art Fence, 2008, permanent installation at the Adelaide Showgrounds, South Australia.

Swerve is a sculpture by Richard Tipping, commissioned by the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia in 2008. The fence acts as a pedestrian barrier for the entrance to the Adelaide Showgrounds along Goodwood Road, facing a huge new exhibition hall.

This 110 metre-long fence is made of die-cast aluminium pickets welded onto curved aluminium rails. Each picket is shaped in curves reminiscent of a snake's movement. The vertical dimension is twisted 5 degrees, adding a dynamic effect. The Art Fence swerves along the footpath in a series of S-curves. Each afternoon shadows make a strongly sensual effect.

Making the die-cast mould and individually casting one thousand 150cm long pickets took six weeks of work by Sankey Diecasting in Adelaide. The one thousand pickets weigh three kilograms each, a total of three tonnes of aluminium. Unfortunately, the Sankey company has since closed its local factory.

Designed with the collaboration of architect Michael Chapman.









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