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Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Richard Kelly Tipping studied in humanities at Flinders University, and later completed both a masters and a doctorate at the University of Technology Sydney. His exergisis, titled: Word Art Works: visual poetry and textual objects, is the basis for a manuscript in progress. Tipping is known for his verbal/visual art, and also as a widely published poet, as well as for his photography and documentary films on writers. He has exhibited sculpture and prints in many exhibitions in Australia, and in the USA and Europe. From 1989-2010 he was a lecturer in communication and media arts at the University of Newcastle in NSW. He currently lives and works in both Sydney and Newcastle.

With artist Mazie Turner (1954-2014) he has three children: Kai Tipping (1980-), Jasper Tipping (1986-), Grace Turner (1990-), and three grandchildren.


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Jack Banning with Richard Tipping at Street Talk - Banning Gallery, Tribeca, New York, 2003