First publication of Soft Riots / TV News in Mok magazine issue 5 co-edited by Richard Tipping and Rob Tillett. Offset printed, 1000 copies, Adelaide 1969. Mok 5 was reprinted in 2009 for the 40th anniversay, edition of 100.

Soft Riots (University of Queensland Press, 1972). Cover photograph by Scott Hicks.


6pm july 4

    theyre marching on the american consulate


                  theres nowhere else to go

its cold in the city       wind off the water

                     trains on time


                     marching for

                marching for reasons

in adelaide a man takes off his coat

in melbourne a woman sits down and sighs

in sydney a man changes channels

in brisbane its windy southwest change maximum 25

           THE CAMERAMEN ARE READY   action


            the spotlit streets                                    action

            spit back cats cars                                   action

a spearhead of radicals bearing red flags urged

on and led by other radicals a drawing of the prime

minister was also burned a petition police wielding

batons kicked and punched 1000 independence day

ball with 99 arrested and constable green hit by

a stone & allowed to leave

                                               i tell ya jude

                                               you cant beat the sheriff

                            che che che che

                               che guevara

                           che che guevara

                         che che che guevara

                            che che guevara


              angelic hip christ holding

              bulletholes to his poems :

              crucified  dead  &  buried

              after three days he didnt

              rise  /  no rock rolled back

who live out your lives

     who live out your lives

          in darkness

               in darkness

                                               a match

                                               three butts

                                               ashes all

                                               on a box

                                               of pins

the police were unable to find a motive for the killing.

they suggested three alternatives :


             up against the wall

             they pin the target

             to your chest & share

             your last cigarette

             up against the wall

             clawing at


                  spotlights arclight gutteral swing bark

          blinding the wire ripping

through your outstretched

           fingers tearing at your machinegun gut gut to

              shredding clothes a shirt flagged above bones the

                  wire flashing with the sun

                                                  wire barbs gaa   sssh    


                  when i shut my eyes its dark in my brain

                  zzzooooooooooooomm shot

                                            reversed to full screen

                                            panoramic wall

                             strung by the hungry prisons of



                             goodnight melbourne

                             lights out adelaide

                             brisbane shut your eyes


                                          see you in the morning  

Soft Riots Coffeetable Edition, 1973

Poetry book between perspex sheets, with four castor wheels. Edition of 12. Shown at Soft Riots exhibition with Aleks Danko at Watters Gallery, Sydney, in 1972


the poster said        FOR CAREER

the poster said        AND ACTION

the poster said        GO ARMY

the poster said

the poster said

the poster read

the poster bled        GO ARMY

the poster said        GO ARMY

the poster said        GO ARMY

the poster said        GO ARM YE

the poster said        GO ARM MY

the poster said        GOAR MY OR

the poster said        MY ARM YE

the poster said        ROAR THE GO

the poster said        GOYA MR ARM

the poster said        YE ARM MY ARM

the poster said        MY ARM MY ARM

These poems and all others in Soft Riots are available to view at

Hear GO ARMY (1969) read by Richard Tipping, recorded in 2011









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