Film and Video

Available on YouTube, search artist's name.

1971-72 Committee, and Finger Lickin' Good - made while a student at Flinders University

1973 Faces (60 secs) edited by David Lowrey

1985 Jaw Harp performance and Mangoes reading

2009 No Smoking (cigarette receptable on fire), The Little Fan (unplugged electric fan in street)       

Major Film Projects

1984-86 documentary portraits of writers including: Roland Robinson, Les Murray, Peter Porter, Randolph Stowe, David Malouf, Sumner Locke-Elliott. These docos were funded by the Australia Council's Literature Board and Archival Film Program. Peter Porter, Randolph Stowe, David Malouf were recorded on 16mm film and edited on high-res analogue video. Randolph Stowe: a Country of Islands was broadcast on ABC Television. This and the others were widely distributed on VHS tape in the 1980s and 1990s. All now need to be digitised.

1994-present: documentary portraits of artists who make books including: Bob Cobbing (UK), Ronald King (UK), Warren Lehrer (USA), Ed Ruscha (USA), Christo and Jeanne-Claude (USA) and Purgatory Pie Press (USA). These are completed, and need to be distributed.