Acquired by the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2015


Signs Signed - reflective tape on aluminium:

AIRPOET, 1979/2012 - edition 4

SING, 1981/2012 - edition 4

HUM, 1981/2012  edition 4

HOLD UP AHEAD, 1983 – edition 7 (two signs)

CAUTION AVANT-GARDE, 1993/2012 – edition 4 - 600x900mm

EXIT STRATEGY, 2003 – edition 9

PRIVATE POETRY, 2009/10 – edition 9

REDUCE NEED, 2012 – edition 4 - 600x900 mm

NO UNDERSTANDING, 2002 – edition 9

WRONG DAY, 2004/2012 – edition 4 - 900x1200 mm

ARTWORK, 2004/2012 – edition 4 - 600x1500 mm

Unsafe Art, 1980/2015 - security safe, engraved text. Replaces Safe Art 1980 mislaid by the gallery.

Whispering Fence  2003/2012 - hardwood jarrah pickt fence, engraved texts, height 150 cm x width 800 cm

Like This Like That, 1978 - granite, engraved text finished with goldleaf

Gospel, 1979 - marble, flush lead text



The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts, Brisbane

Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

Art Gallery of Tasmania, Hobart

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, NSW

Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW

Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Qld

National Library of Australia, Canberra

Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, Sydney

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra

University of NSW Library at ADFA, Canberra

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne


Museum of Modern Art, New York

Library of MoMA, New York

British Museum, London

Sackner Archive of Visual Concrete Poetry, Miami

Beinecker Library, Yale University, USA

Rare Books Collection, Buffalo University, USA

Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, Los Angeles

Kommunication Museum, Frankfurt

Only emotion endures (after Ezra Pound), 2000. Granite, engraved and finished with goldleaf. Dimensions: 11.5 x 112 x 7.5 cm      Private collection, Sydney

Reduce Need - 2004/2012. Reflective tape on box-frame painted steel.   Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales